Co-invest with the Piggyback

In renowned quality and growth start-ups

How easy it is to buy growth shares

Buy the quality start-ups available directly or indirectly

Buy directly – via your holding structures

Create your co-invest portfolio. Medium-sized and institutional investors can ‘co-invest’ by buying startup investments. This way, they don’t need the depth of expertise of the lead investors who have recently invested in the individual startups after thorough due diligence.

From a seven-digit investment amount.

After the purchases, you manage the investments yourself. In this way, medium-sized investors can also invest very specifically in some of the start-up investments that are optimal for them.

Buy indirectly – via a fund set up for you.

Take advantage of the piggy fund structure. Piggyback funds offered by us are offered as a buyer structure to a wide range of large investors. This allows them to enter the broad start-up market and thus realise a broad diversification in the co-investment area as well.

At least eight-figure investment amounts.

They bundle the investments and we manage them. Institutional investors in particular can thus invest in many start-ups that are considered ‘third party tested’ and of good quality.

The 90-day rule ensures quality

Notary + 90 days = quality start-ups

Up to 90 days after the notary

All start-ups in which participations are offered via AllVentures.Exchange have undergone a financing round within the last 90 days prior to registration. Only such investments may be registered for sale there.

For quality and more trust

The 90-day rule ensures quality: With the proximity to an actual financing deal, there is a basic trust between buyer and seller in the financing of the start-up, the validity of the business model and the amount of the purchase price.

Piggyback with experts

So that you can invest well and quickly

Piggybacking with lead investors

With each individual Piggyback fund, a large investor buys stakes whenever a new investor has invested in the start-up. With the Piggyback, the large investor uses the expertise of the lead investors.

The large investor thus specifically buys only shares in third-ranked start-ups.

Rapid investment phase

Lengthy price negotiations are unnecessary. This avoids time-consuming due diligence checks and countless discussions with the start-up teams, or at least reduces them to a minimum.

The predefined enterprise value enables a quick deal.

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The triple quality of start-ups

Liquidity – Business model – Purchase price

Funded start-ups:

Fresh liquidity available

Depending on the financing volume, the start-ups have been able to raise fresh capital, so that the next steps and phases have already been financed.

The future of the start-up is thus secured for the time being.

Start-ups with potential:

Business models tested

The startups whose shares are being offered on AllVentures.Exchange have been reviewed by the respective investors as part of the previous financing round.

With the secondary purchase, buyers are also in without their own examination.

Quick negotiations:

Buy at market price

With the current financing round (maximum 90 days in the past), the basis for the subsequent secondary market transaction between buyer and seller is in place.

The current third-party evaluation creates confidence in the right purchase price.

Invest in third party growth potentials

Invest when experts invest.

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