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The following fund information is intended exclusively for semi-professional and professional investors

Disclaimer/praktische Informationen

As a precautionary measure, the following is pointed out to visitors to this page. The following fund information is intended exclusively for semi-professional and professional investors. The following information, does not serve as investment advice, it is not an invitation to purchase shares, neither in start-ups, nor in the funds mentioned. For the funds, a separate determination of the contractual framework will be made in the course of any discussions. For this purpose, the ‘Key Investor Information’ for the funds mentioned below will be sent if required. Any information provided below may be supplemented or changed at any time by All Ventures Group GmbH as well as by the subsidiaries All Ventures FQF GmbH and All Ventures Market GmbH and All Ventures Secondary Market GmbH. The place of jurisdiction is Germany. The fund will be subject to German law in the future. This may affect your taxation. There are no guarantees for future performance. The value of units may rise as well as fall. The associated income may fall below the amount invested. The costs to be borne by investors will be communicated separately in each individual case. Any other legal effect with regard to contracts to be concluded at a later date is excluded.


The Inner City Revitalization Fund invests in startups that, in addition to being profit-oriented, also aim to revitalize inner cities with more people. Priority is given to investors who have a regional relevance in individual cities through their previous assets.

The fund is in the funding and implementation phase. More info: https://innenstadtbelebung.jetzt/

Artificial Intelligence Fund

An Artificial Intelligence Fund. The aim of the fund is to finance application and rapidly marketable products and the respective startups. Only semi-professional and professional investors who see an important change in this area for the good of society will be admitted as investors.

The fund is in advanced status within the design phase.


Der Piggyback-Einzelfonds erwirbt Startup-Beteiligungen, die über die Qualitätsmechanismen der 90-Tage-Regel über Allventures.exchange validiert sind. Anleger sind jeweilige Einzel-Großinvestoren, die über ihren eigenen Piggyback in die Breite des Startup-Marktes investieren möchten. Wir garantieren ein Höchstmaß an Verschwiegenheit.

Die Fonds werden individuell mit den jeweiligen Investoren gestartet. Mehr infos: https://allventures.net/de/piggyback/

Piggyback Community Fund

The Piggyback community fund acquires startup investments validated through the quality mechanisms of the 90-day rule via Allventures.exchange. Investors are several semi-professional and professional investors. Through the Piggyback joint fund, investments are acquired that cover the breadth of the startup market.

The fund is in the funding phase. More info: https://allventures.net/en/piggyback-eng/

Special funds for individual investors

Large investors and family offices are given direct access to the startup financing requests submitted to All Ventures totaling €2.5 billion with a special fund set up individually for them. The selection criteria are agreed upon individually. We guarantee the highest level of confidentiality.

Funds are launched individually with investors. More info: https://allventures.net/en/fqf-eng/

We customize the funds individually for you

Special AIFs can be very well adapted to investor requirements.

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