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Previous requests for financing by sector (in € million)

Agriculture / forestry / fisheries 58.6 | Automotive 94.85 | Biotechnology / pharmaceuticals 32.5 | Business services 108.3 | Chemicals / materials 31.75 | Cleantech 74.35 | Communication technology 90.95 | Construction 67.65 | Consulting services 91.65 | Other consumer goods 87.6 | Electrical engineering / Electronics / semiconductors 43.1 | Energy / gas / water / environment 92.0 | Real estate 116.2 | Financial services 107.55 | Gastronomy / hotel sector 144.4 | Food, beverages and tobacco 46.7 | Industry automation 55.1 | Internet 191.65 | Iron / steel / light metal 51.05 | Mechanical engineering / plant construction 81.8 | Media 93.2 | Medical technology 43.2 | Medical – healthcare 98.35 | Nanotechnology 34.95 | Other services 195.65 | Smart home & living 33.85 | Software / IT 174.85 | Sports 49.75 | Textiles / clothing 53.7 | Trade / e-Commerce 139.55 | Transport 71.9

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Many exciting startups

AllVentures lists exciting startups that are currently looking for capital, thereby offering investors – including medium-sized investors – direct access to the startup world. At AllVentures, they will not only find a list, but also many business plans and detailed information about the startups.

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Successor financing

Entrepreneurs often find the successors in their circle of employees. However, the acquisition often fails due to a lack of financing of the purchase price. With the help of an investor, successors can find the necessary equity or debt financing without needing to provide a personal guarantee..

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IT4Equity – funded by investors

This offer is currently only available in Germany.

Anonymous and exclusive

The project and startup company lists are only available to pre-registered investors.

Only for selected investors

Investors must first apply for personal investor access.

Only known investors or applicants who can credibly prove that they have the necessary financial means are allowed to register.

AllVentures thus addresses an exclusive circle of investors.

Anonymity is ensured

There are many investors who shy away from the public, and we respect this wish.

We assure investors that they will be able to make their own decisions with regard to the initial contact. This initial contact is then made in person or via appointed tax consultants or lawyers.

This ensures anonymity when searching on AllVentures.

Exclusivity of the information

Our startups are only accessible to a select circle of investors.

This includes in particular many medium-sized entrepreneurs, wealthy private investors, family offices and asset managers.

Only registered investors will receive the startup list and startup details.

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