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Loans with a predictable interest rate

Many investors act purely as capital investors and prefer investments with a safe return. Loans with predictable interest rates are therefore very suitable for financing the growth of young companies that have already achieved initial market success.

Loans are often also issued as subordinated loans with a higher interest rate. The level of the interest rate and the business model are often decisive in this context.

Seizing investment opportunities

For other investors, the focus is on increasing the value of an investment. Medium-sized investors, venture capitalists and family offices see a direct investment not only as a risk, but also as a significant entrepreneurial opportunity for value enhancement.

The business model and the future prospects of the company and the market are decisive for whether and under what conditions an investor will invest.

Loans can be useful in this context

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Working capital financing

After entering the market, many startups find that they can grow well and profitably. However, banks are often reluctant to pre-finance revenue growth.

In this context, it is advisable to involve medium-sized investors, family offices or larger capital investors on a loan basis.

Co-loans in Series A/B/C

In the early stages, startups are very often financed mainly with equity capital. In Series A, B and C rounds, for example, substantial amounts of money are often directly allocated to equity, which results in a high equity ratio

With such equity capitalisation, small and medium-sized investors are willing to think about higher interest-bearing co-loan financing.

Production set-up

Especially in technology- and production-oriented startups, high investments are often made in production and technology. These must be financed in the long term by equity capital or loans.

In addition to direct equity financing, long-term loans from medium-sized investors, which are secured e.g. by production facilities, are also being considered here.

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