Be one of our service partners

with your fund or startup expertise

In two core areas

we would be happy to involve you

Fund management

The venture funds we launched are refinanced. After the startup selection you take over the administrative fund management step by step.

You take over fund management very soon.

After three months, at the end of the investment phase, you will be in charge of the support for the young growth companies.

As a venture fund provider, you are experienced in all respects to perform such a task for the large investors in the background over several years.

Strategy and growth

Strategic optimization, definition of target evaluations, suitable growth concepts and their implementation. One of your areas of expertise in one of those fields.

You develop the startups growth and implement it.

Many startup companies have different topics in different phases. You are experienced for those taks.

Your specific expertise can help startups accelarate market entry and scale up theier organization and leadership.

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