Invest in German startups

All the best startups available immediately

The new asset class for wealthy and institutional investors

Large investors can now invest in many good startups without any delay.

The basis: More than 2 billion euros in the pool

Get the best German startups from our pool.

Our pool contains startups with a total search volume of more than 2 billion euros. We have the relevant documents and business plans to enable an investment decision quickly and transparently. You are involved in the selection process right from the beginning.

Our pool is the best foundation for you as a large investor.

Your Focus: Pick your industry of choice

We provide you with a good pre-selection. All industries available.

Using our ‘relative ranking’, we select the best startups for you. Therefore, you can efficiently convert your investment goals into a suitable startup portfolio. Your portfolio is quickly customized in order to match your investment goals more efficiently.

Take the best startups from your industry of choice.

Your Goal: Invest 20 million euros or more

Bundled startup investments become more relevant for large investors.

For very large investments an individual search for single startups doesn’t make too much sense. Such amounts are better invested in the general asset class of German startups. You invest 20 million euros or more in your startup industry of choice.

Bundle the best startups.

When: In only 3 months – instead of three years

We accelerate your investment phase.

So far, VC funds have taken three years to build up a startup portfolio. We consider this period to be far too long. Using our process of relative ranking we can select the right startups for you within three months. This results in a very short and therefore optimized investment phase.

You are invested faster than with all known VC funds.

You choose the best from our pool

Invest in the new asset class of German startups

The result: Your individual special fund

Bundle as many good startups in an individual fund as you like.

Share of the startups you invested in can be held through individual funds, via our subsidiary company or your partners from the financial industry. Our fund managers and partners take care of your fund and manage your investments.

Invest with speed and quality – in the new German asset class.

Our compensation is performance-based

Depending on the structure of the cooperation, we will receive a fee depending on success.

Talk to us for more details.

Get in contact with us

And we build an individualized fund with you

for a startup portfolio that fits your needs.

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High yields are quite normal

Verifiable. For a good reason.

Funds enable diversification

You spread the risk with many investments.

Our fund models enable the combination of high returns in the startup investment class with risk minimization through diversification.

Bundling reduces risk.

Achieve good returns with calculable risk.

Startups aim for big growth

Many of the startups often have big plans.

Strong growth can only be achieved if the team sets big goals. However, a good implementation strategy is needed.

Reach great potential together.

The startups are supported in their growth with selected experts.

The returns on the market are positive

Our analyses show high potential returns.

The data shows that many startups significantly increase in value between the various financing rounds.

Participate in high returns.

Their are many undiscoverd high return opportunities for investors in the startup market.

Treat yourself to some startup joy

Experience success in a completely new and different way.

Young and fresh

Startups are young and fresh – and a little cheeky.

So what? It is a real asset for all generations. And also an astonishingly high level of knowledge-profit for many long-term employees in established companies.

Founder stories

Have you ever founded a company from scratch?

Or do you only know the stories from your own family history? If you co-found, you will soon be telling your own founder stories.

Try a lot

Have you ever tried an unusual approach?

Startups also test this with their customers, they simply and happily try out many things – including new things. You should see that. As an investor, you will experience this startup dynamic up close.

Double diversification through startups

Positive effects on the inside and outside.

…towards the inside

Within the portfolio.

Any further diversification within a fund reduces the so-called standard error.

Avoid cluster risk

You are well advised to avoid any possible cluster risk in your startup investment portfolio by increasing the number of investments.

This brings you closer to the good market return for general investors – while at the same time optimizing risk.

…towards the outside

With a view to your asset allocation.

The combination with your investments other asset classes is crucial though often overlooked.

Use negative correlations

Anyone looking for ‘negative correlations’ will often find suitable start-up investments to complement traditional assets.

Holistically or structurally based on the fundamentals, you can build up a highly meaningful portfolio.

Structure your startup portfolio

Fast and efficient.