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Many investors prefer to remain anonymous. Nevertheless, many medium-sized investors from industries across the board want to invest in startups. Our comprehensive list makes it possible for investors to find many exciting startups that are currently looking for capital in excess of €100,000.

AllVentures is good for European SMEs.

Seed, Series A/B and growth financing

Startups in many different stages are looking for capital. AllVentures lists startups who are looking for at least €100,000 in capital from investors. In this way, we address all development stages from the start of the company to Series A and B rounds to growth financing.

AllVentures is good for 6 and 7-digit financing rounds.

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Ingenious business model

It always starts with the proverbial “good idea”. But was this idea developed further? Has it been fully developed right down to the product and business model? This is the kind of information that investors want to know upfront, ideally presented in the form of a teaser.

A team of thinkers and doers

CVs are one thing, they give a first impression of what to expect from the team. However, the actual personality profile is more important. Does the team have more to offer than merely the necessary professional competence? Are there also the necessary thinkers and doers for each relevant area?

Market, market, product, market

The best models are conceived and developed from a market perspective. Who benefits, what product does the market need, who is the customer and what is the market in general? Good startups know this and can explain it to an investor briefly and intelligibly.

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